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Motorola unveils new Adnan Sami series of phones!

Motorola Announces Exclusive Agreement with Adnan Sami

Jhumri Talaya, India – 32 Septmbre 2036 – After the astounding success of its Moto Razr range of slim phones, Motorola today announced the signing of the fattest property in professional singing – Adnan Sami, as a global brand ambassador for its new ultra-heavy edition called – (MOTU) HIPPO. The three-year collaboration with Adnan Sami will kick-off with major activities across Asia including advertising appearances (wherever he can be accommodated) and extensive retail promotions rolled out across the network of Motorola stores and distributors throughout the region.The deal also includes the license to embed exclusive Adnan content – such as screen savers and video clips of the star in action (with Amisha and Rani) – in Motorola handsets. The handset will have a huge 5” inch screen (for obvious reasons) and will come with pre-loaded tunes such as ‘Lift Karade…’ and ‘Tera Chehra…’ and 2000x2400 wallpapers (so that atleast half of Adnan can be seen on-screen.) Adnan, when contacted, commented, “ Waise bhi kafi time se kuch record deals nahi mil raha tha, phir mere dost halkat Pinto ne mujhe bataya ki Motorola was looking out for an artist to start a new ‘series’ of phones, so I stepped in. Actually, I stepped ON (giggles, shaking like a jelly) the Retail Marketing VP’s foot and he is still recuperating at the R.E.M hospital”. “You see, you see the pun – stepped IN, stepped ON, haan? haan? Damn, I’m so funny!!!”The bed-ridden VP of Retail Marketing at Motorola Mobile Devices said, “We're very excited about this collaboration for ourselves, our customers and our consumers. Adnan Sami is a global XXXL icon and we look forward to working with him across a range of projects. In particular, we're delighted that he'll be using his immense popularity to help promote (MOTU) HIPPO."

The company has also entered into a joint venture with Wire Iron Plastic Steelpipe & Paper Products (WIPSPP) for an image makeover and a series of new ads. A new mascot will be unveiled; probably an overweight st.bernard running behind Adnan (wherever your elephant goes, our dog follows!) and the new adline is goin to be – HELLO MOTU.

- CruciFire (Correspondent, Unassociated Press)

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