Hi Guys,

I've been writing 69-word, theme-based stories for the digital lifestyle magazine, The Brown Scooter, every month.

Read off and let me know what you think/feel :)


Political Timepass!!!

Mr.George's Bushisms have been a treat for a lot of us for quite sometime now... Frankly, I sometimes marvel at the pure genius of the guy (Big Brother) who actually writes those totally awesome speeches for that dumbo to read out....

Btw, here's a chance to play Big Brother... I came across this nifty website that actually lets you create customized speeches for Mr.Bush and later make him read it out too, in his own squeaky voice..!


check it out, its damn cool....

Crystal Ball Gazing...

I am a man with a vision, foursight... Someone who has been getting blurry visions... whose intution works quite good sometimes..... I see my future and this is wot it is - I will be losing focus of my goals... financial problems are to beseige me... my life will become colourless with nothing to 'look' forward too... the road to my final destination will be all hazy... my actions will lack clarity...

All this till coming Tuesday morning... I broke my glasses yesterday!!!

Random Thoughts - 1

Just a random thought.... Wot wud have been John's nickname if his surname was Lemon (i.e John Lemon)?

I guess, he would have been called a VOLKSWAGEN BEATLE!!!

Apunka First Post

Hi All,

After a long, long, long time ....finally my OWN blog (yipeee!).. With a lot of my dear friends - Dhanu, KK, Ashwin & Surya already into blogging way before me, I was waiting to jump-in...but due to (much cliched) "technical problems" was unable to do so.... So here goes my first post...

This article/writeup was written by me during my journalism days at St.Xavier's...The assignment was to weave a story around the words marked in red.....

Btw, it won the "Best Humorous Story" prize - a Cadbury Perk!!!

(I would recommend u keep a dictionary in hand before you start reading the post...)

(This is a parody of one of the relatively famous incidents (scenes) of Mahabharata – wherein the Pandavas are being trained in archery by Guru Dhronacharya.)

Courtesy their lenient parents, the five affluent and audaciously intrepid Pandavas go to attend a clandestine National-level seminar on “Guerilla Warfare”, organised by the notorious gay demagogue Shiv Khera (SK of ‘You Can Kill’ fame).

SK: Welcome to this enervating and anomalous one hour seminar on how to kill people accurately with AK-47’s and launchers. Firstly, there would be a ‘bulls-eye’ simulation test for examining the ocular accuracy of budding tyros. So, let’s start with the magnanimous, naive Prince Yudhistir……

(A phlegmatic and taciturn launcher-trotting Yudhistir comes and stands besides the prurient SK who sensuously whacks Yudhistir’s butt.)

SK: Oops! Sorry for that inveterate gesture of mine. So Prince Yudhistir, tell me whether you can spot a person at that bunker?

Yudhistir: (giving a baffled and apathetic look) No man, I don’t see anyone there.

SK: Please consult an ophthalmologist. Ok, Prince Arjun you come next.

(A disheveled Arjun comes with an AK and stands beside SK, who repeats himself.)

SK: I apologise, PEACE. Prince Arjun, can you see a person at that bunker?

(Arjun incorrigibly shoots a guy down and leaves, and almost instantly an NDTV reporter and cameraman appear there shouting “News first!”)

SK: Incredible!!! Oh ‘Gourmet Prince’ Bhima, you are next.

(Repulsively, Prince Bhima tries but shoots down a plane and Al-Qaida frisks him away. Next, the loquacious Nakula tries circumspectly but shoots down a dog and a mob of antipathetic and cacophonic PETA supporters squash him close to sending his body for autopsy.)

SK: Unequivocally egregious!!!

(A congenitally neurotic Sahadev supersedes Nakula and tries his luck but his Uzi bullet ricochets off a vacillating metal plate and instantly kills martinet SK. Game Over.)

Hope u guys liked it....and yes...this is NOT my general style of writing...