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Random Rants... total raanti isstyle!

Water, water everywhere,
Not a place to pee....

Well, this rant has nothing to do with the above lines...

Can someone please give me ONE good reason - y do people bring their moms /gfs/ wives/ sisters/female relatives into the gents compartment during peak hours?

Is it their way of showing their 'LOVE' that they can't stay away from their partner even for half an hour?

Or is it more a case of "I-am-man-enough-to-take-care-of-my-female co-traveler-even-during-peak hour rush time" syndrome... Me thinks the latter one is more prevalent...

Assuming that the people I am referring to are NOT first-time travelers, any guy with a decent maturity level will tell you that it is not a good idea to take your female relatives with you during peak hours (say around 8-11 in the mornings and 7-10 in the evenings). Not only will these morons bring their wife but also their kiddos, moms and god knows who all! Then comes the
most frustrating part.. they will stand in the middle of the compartment and expect the office-goers not to touch his female companion...I mean..wot the fuck!? I understand that there would be an odd pervert who would want to make good use of the helpless situation but then again, if you are soooo very concerned bout men brushing against ur wife/mom, y the hell do u bring them into the gents compartment at a time when people are standing (sometimes not even that!) in Kamasutra positions!

I can probably understand bringing one child along (advisable in extreme conditions only..) or bringing ur parents along if they are old or handicapped (the handicapped section is also an alternative, atleast during peak hours) but puuhhhhlleeessss NO FEMALES!

I am absolutely fine with people bringing in their female companions during non-peak hours or when the train is fairly empty... but please don't be such an A**hole and carry them along in an overcrowded train and expect people not to brush against them... and more importantly, start a petty fight as soon as some poor guy does so unintentionally!

PS: Am starting an informal research service for all of ya - yes YOU!... am gonna put my research skills into some good use ;) ... if any of the readers of this blog need any kind of research and I mean ANY kinda data/statistics/information on any topic at all...put in a comment and I will try and help u out with the same (depending on time and amount of data required)... Am NOT an expert on anything , just a good researcher - IF the information u require is available on the internet, then I WILL find it for you...and its completely FREE - for now!!! ;) Lets just say its in the Najayaz BETA version for now!