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The Casanova - Renault Duster AWD's love story

“Hey gorgeous, ready to get all down and dirty with me?”
“You bet I am, cowboy!”

He was handsome and muscular. She was demure and shy. It was only a matter of time before passions rose and engulfed us all.

When I volunteered to be a part of this blogger review activity, I didn’t know that I was going to be right in the middle of a crazy love-making session.

It was early morning on Independence Day. By the time it was 8, my roomie Satish (@Bombaylives) and I were already halfway through the lovely breakfast buffet @ The Courtyard Marriott. From bacon, eggs and fruits to idlis, veggies and multi-grain bread along with coffee and juices, it was all there. Needless to say, it was one of the most extensive breakfasts I have had in a long, long time.

As we walked out to the briefing area, we saw the convoy of Casanovas standing in a line, one behind another, raring to be unleashed. They were all suited up in grey and white though a single black one caught my eye. I would have made a run for it if not for Satish who calmly got into driver’s seat of the 2nd Duster, in the convoy. Ekta (@Numerounity) joined us as our third team member and off we went to Lavasa! 

I watched in awe as our Casanova serenaded the roads like no other. He rode in a near perfect line, held on to every curve, glided over all the bumps and craters, both minor and major and maintained his chivalry like a true gentleman. 

Add to it, the power AC that kept us cool throughout, the touch screen AV system with Bluetooth and enough leg and head room for those in the back to jump around, we were mighty impressed, to say the least. Did I mention that it was raining cats and dogs all this while? 

Still all this was a little too sweet and calm for an SUV boasting of an AWD. We decided it was time for our guy to meet someone his own type.

More than halfway into Lavasa, we found his match. She was all muddy, slushy and full of gravel and rocks. She courted him and he was more than happy to oblige. They rolled. They splashed. They fought. They made up. 

She tried to make him lose control but he held on, thanks to the Electronic Stability Program. She tried to hold him down but he leapt free every time she made an attempt thanks to the Anti-Skid Resistance. She tried to push him down an incline but he continued his climb up, thanks to Hill Start Assist. 

She threw everything she had at him and then some more, but he endured and kept forging ahead relentlessly. She gave up. Another terrain was conquered.

The Beast just couldn’t be tamed. Victorious, we headed back to Lavasa for a sumptuous lunch. 

Post lunch, we headed back to Mumbai with a bootful of memories and boots full of mud. 

It was lovely meeting SO many bloggers from Mumbai and Pune. Special mentions to the Auto stud Omkar (@GodsentEvil),  Energizer bunny Rutavi (@rutaagayire) and the pretty Bhumika (@bhumika_t).


P.S: This blogpost is written as a part of #DusterAllWheelDrive event by Blogadda and Renault India.