Hi Guys,

I've been writing 69-word, theme-based stories for the digital lifestyle magazine, The Brown Scooter, every month.

Read off and let me know what you think/feel :)


Woo Hoo.. Yippeee

Hi All,

For everyone who came here expecting a new post, I am sorry to disappoint u. The past couple of weeks have been AWESOME for me. I won two online contests and made a handful of new buddies, one of them a really close one. My wins...

Contest 1 - Comic Captioning Contest - http://www.flyyoufools.com/caption-contest-results/ (I think I win a copy of the comic and some chocolates)

Contest 2 - Fastrackarmy Description Contest -
http://media.fastrack.in/announcements/fastrack-army-in-140-characters-winners.html (I will be getting a Fastrack Dog-Tag watch!)

Due to 'technical' problems, its been long time since I've posted anything. Now that net is working at my place, will try to post in the coming weeks...