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The Casanova - Renault Duster AWD's love story

“Hey gorgeous, ready to get all down and dirty with me?”
“You bet I am, cowboy!”

He was handsome and muscular. She was demure and shy. It was only a matter of time before passions rose and engulfed us all.

When I volunteered to be a part of this blogger review activity, I didn’t know that I was going to be right in the middle of a crazy love-making session.

It was early morning on Independence Day. By the time it was 8, my roomie Satish (@Bombaylives) and I were already halfway through the lovely breakfast buffet @ The Courtyard Marriott. From bacon, eggs and fruits to idlis, veggies and multi-grain bread along with coffee and juices, it was all there. Needless to say, it was one of the most extensive breakfasts I have had in a long, long time.

As we walked out to the briefing area, we saw the convoy of Casanovas standing in a line, one behind another, raring to be unleashed. They were all suited up in grey and white though a single black one caught my eye. I would have made a run for it if not for Satish who calmly got into driver’s seat of the 2nd Duster, in the convoy. Ekta (@Numerounity) joined us as our third team member and off we went to Lavasa! 

I watched in awe as our Casanova serenaded the roads like no other. He rode in a near perfect line, held on to every curve, glided over all the bumps and craters, both minor and major and maintained his chivalry like a true gentleman. 

Add to it, the power AC that kept us cool throughout, the touch screen AV system with Bluetooth and enough leg and head room for those in the back to jump around, we were mighty impressed, to say the least. Did I mention that it was raining cats and dogs all this while? 

Still all this was a little too sweet and calm for an SUV boasting of an AWD. We decided it was time for our guy to meet someone his own type.

More than halfway into Lavasa, we found his match. She was all muddy, slushy and full of gravel and rocks. She courted him and he was more than happy to oblige. They rolled. They splashed. They fought. They made up. 

She tried to make him lose control but he held on, thanks to the Electronic Stability Program. She tried to hold him down but he leapt free every time she made an attempt thanks to the Anti-Skid Resistance. She tried to push him down an incline but he continued his climb up, thanks to Hill Start Assist. 

She threw everything she had at him and then some more, but he endured and kept forging ahead relentlessly. She gave up. Another terrain was conquered.

The Beast just couldn’t be tamed. Victorious, we headed back to Lavasa for a sumptuous lunch. 

Post lunch, we headed back to Mumbai with a bootful of memories and boots full of mud. 

It was lovely meeting SO many bloggers from Mumbai and Pune. Special mentions to the Auto stud Omkar (@GodsentEvil),  Energizer bunny Rutavi (@rutaagayire) and the pretty Bhumika (@bhumika_t).


P.S: This blogpost is written as a part of #DusterAllWheelDrive event by Blogadda and Renault India.

My ((Dream)) Trip to Malaysia - Truly Asia

“Hey, stop touching me! I’ll sting you man!”

“Wait a second…you can... you can talk?”

“Of course I can, you dumb tourist and if you don’t stop petting me, I am going to blast you out of the water with one of those ship-mounted rocket launchers a few feet away.”

“Ship-mounted rockets inside the ocean? You think I am crazy? Fine, I’ll stop on one condition. You have to be my guide and show me around Pulau Redang, cool? By the way, what do I call you?”

“Oh Muruga, not another one of these! Getting real sick of you goddamn tourists… Fine, I’ll show you around but I can’t be your guide on land, for you know, obvious reasons. Steve’s the name by the way. And you are?”

“Hah! Name’s Jay. You got yourself a deal Steve.”

“Swim beside me and I’ll show you everything you need to see… and don’t. And remember, DO NOT touch or break anything or I’ll sting you into another paradise called Heaven. Understood?”

*I nod in agreement.*

“Good. First things first Jay, Pulau Redang is approximately 45km off the coast of Terengganu, and is considered by tourists as one of the most enchanting islands, in all of Malaysia. As you can see, the water here is crystal clear and pollution free, making it one of the best places to live in *pause* if you are a coral or a fish, you know! Damn, I am so funny.”

*I smack him on his head.*

“Now, before we dive into the deep, I want you to take a look around the beach for sea turtles. Every year, these peaceful creatures journey all the way to this island just to lay their eggs and then go back to their respective habitats.”

 “Moving on, there are hundreds and thousands of live coral species co-existing peacefully in these waters, along with marine species like manta rays and sting rays and even a couple of sharks.”

“HOLY @*#&, SHARKS?”

“Jay, chill! Nothing is going to happen to you. I’ll take care of you, hospitality Malaysia-style baby. So as I was saying, due to the various types of marine life that dwell around here, this place is also part marine park. This island has 31… yes 31 spectacular diving sites and we are going to visit 3 of them.”

“Why just three?”

“Because these are the most exciting ones among all the sites. The first one is coming up right about now. Can you see that stretch of black coral under us?”


“It is known as the Black Coral garden and it is very unique to this island. Nice, isn’t it?”

“Very cool. Is that the hull of a ship that I see?”

“And that brings us to the second site. This one and the one beyond are both historic shipwreck sites from the World War II era. All those machine parts that you see on the ocean floor are pieces from the ships that were destroyed during the war.”

“Fragments of history lying deep below the ocean for almost half a century… this is just too awesome!”

“And here ends our trip, Jay. It was great meeting you and showing you around. Frankly, you are one of the better ones I’ve come in contact with.”

“Thanks Steve for being such a great guide. Hi-five buddy!”

*I put my hand up, he puts up his tail… misses me, stings me right in the heart.*

I wake up and feel my chest. 

All is well. *Phew!* I look around to find my lovely wife napping in the recliner beside me. I look over the Mandarin Oriental infinity pool to the majestic Petronas Towers and see it smiling right back at us. A few gazes away, the mesmerizing Malaysian horizon that is drenched in shades of orange, is about to change character from a serene, urban cityscape into a bustling night city, in a few minutes. I take off my bathrob and swim to the end of the pool to take in the sights and sounds of the city.

We had come back from Terengganu just a few hours ago. Since the list of other things to do in Kuala Lumpur was pretty long, we decided to keep it for later. 

Next day morning, we packed our bags for Langkawi. One of the most popular destinations on the west coast of Malaysia, we had 3 To-Dos on our agenda – a ride on the cable car to Gunung Machinchang and a walk on the Skybridge, a visit to the Underwater World at Pantai Cenang and a romantic sunset dinner on a cruise liner. The Skybridge experience was overwhelming and we were stunned into silence by the 500+ species of animals and sea creatures at Underwater World. Sipping on a cocktail and biting into succulent barbecue fare with Langkawi’s beautiful isles as the backdrop was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The following day, we took off to the East Malaysian towns of Sawarak and Sabah. Though we were planning on finishing Sarawak first, the scuba diving hours at Sipadan Island in Sabah really didn’t leave us with a choice. White tip reef sharks and sea turtles followed us around as we dove deep into the ocean to savour the beauty of the coral rich reef. We were lucky enough to be caught in a barracuda ‘tornado’ and managed to catch a few monitor lizards on our way out. We finished off our craving for water-related activities with a safari through the Kinabatangan river. The concentration of wildlife in the region surrounding the river was just remarkable. Macaques, langurs, hornbills, kingfishers, snakes, baby elephants – you name it, we saw it! We concluded our Sabah trip by bidding goodbye to the mischievous orang-utans at the Kabili Sepilok nature reserve.


When you are standing inside the world’s largest cave chamber, there isn’t much you can do other than marvel at the size of the humongous limestone structure and feel humbled. Caves inside the Mulu National Park in Sarawak made us feel like we were one with nature. A similar experience awaited us at the Bako National Park where some of the rock formations created by natural occurrences were, for the lack of a better word, surreal!

A day left for our flight back and we were yet to explore Kuala Lumpur. Our morning was spent shouting and screaming at the theme park at Sunway Lagoon. We headed to Jalan Alor for some delicious local cuisine and ended up stuffing ourselves more than we should have. With blessings from Lord Murugan at Batu Caves in Selangor, we moved to the Central Market for some local arts and crafts shopping. The perfect end to the day was our dinner at the revolving restaurant in the KL Tower that captivated us with breathtaking panoramic views of the city and lip-smackingly sumptuous food!

As I opened my eyes the next morning, I realized that I was sitting in front of my laptop, in a t-shirt and worn out shorts with the cursor blinking on a blank document titled ‘Blogadda Malaysia contest blogpost.’ 

The document had a single line typed out on it – 


I am participating in the MalaysiaJao Blogathon Contest in association with

Disclaimer - Pictures have been curated from the Internet. Copyrights rest with respective owners.

#55wordstory - Adultery

The word for Feb 7th was 'Adultery.'


All he wanted in life was adventure, an adrenaline rush.

Had an affair with a neighbour.
Sold electronics in black.
Freelanced for a rival firm.
Bad mouthed best friend.

He tried out every form.
He was still a dull Terry at the end of it all.


#55wordstory - Bookstore

The word for Feb 6th was 'Bookstore.'


‘Congratulations on finding the headset, Reader. Put it on and let’s play a game.’
‘By the way, where is your cute little son?’

‘HORROR – Top row. Book 2. Page 27.’
‘MYTHOLOGY – Last row. Book 10. Page 96.’

CCTV control cabin.
A tri cycle. A puppet. An unfinished puzzle.
Two guards. Their favourite pastime.


#55wordstory - Runaway

The word for Feb 4th was 'Runaway.'


Legendary bowler’s final match.

“Too much pressure… can’t take it anymore.”
“Chill dude, it’s just a match.”

2 Off 1 To Win.

Foot. Heartbreak. Foot. Backstab. Foot. Failure. Foot. Letdown.

The lifeless blood stained body hit the pitch as the seam breached the boundary line.

He gave more just a run away!


#55wordstory - Flawed

Yesterday's theme was 'Flawed'.


“Woo hoo, my first ever prototypes. This 3D printer is awesome!”
“HE is leaking confidence.”“SHE is overflowing with attitude.”
“So many of my cartridges are missing – conscience, values, morals…”
“Oh damn, it’s malfunctioning. STOP! STOP!”

The entire human race was born. None perfect.


A Special #55wordstory - Zodiac Tattoo

Hey Guys,

Wifey has been wanting to get a self-conceptualized zodiac tattoo since long, and she finally got it done few weeks ago, from the creative guys @ Studio 62. She wanted me to write a #55wordstory around it and I was more than happy to oblige!


Sketch and the Tattoo

The Story

Black And White. Calm And Chaos. Yin And Yang. Devil And Angel.
Of Fins And Scales. Of Claws And Stings.
An Unholy Union Was Born.
Sculpted With Fire. Crafted By Water.
Penned With A Needle, This Tale Of Love.
Immortalized In Ink. Marked For Life.


So, what do you guys think? 

Mint-O's Ultramintz - Product Review for BlogAdda

It was called the Germopolis.

The bustling city, inhabited by small, microscopic people, was built on a huge, soft pink stretch of land that was fortified on three sides by strong, white towers which was used to keep the intruders out. On the fourth side, there was a deep ravine that few dared to venture into, never to return. It was dubbed Galaorge, the chasm of darkness.

The dwellers of this city never had to go out of their houses to work. Beyond the towers, lay a wide cave that opened up every 3 hours and provided Germopolis with enough food and water and other necessities for the day, sometimes even weeks and months. They worshipped it and called it ‘Le Mouth.’

Unlike the rest of the world, Germopolis only had 2 seasons – Summer and Autumn.

One day while the residents were going about their daily chores, they saw a white, circular object flying in through Le Mouth, hitting their city and scattering into a million pieces. Before they could realize what had happened, the entire city was covered in white, fluffy flakes and a cool breeze kept flowing all around. It was Snow and a third new season had finally arrived!

The whole city erupted into a celebration. People cried out in joy and hugged each other. Few of them tried to feel the frozen flakes on their tongues and shivered when they got one. Those with diabetes were a little skeptical at first but eventually gave in to the new season. They brought new clothes, decorated trees, hung up stockings and went around from home to home signing cheerful carols and hymns.

Whenever I pop a Mint-O Ultramintz in my mouth, I can hear the sounds of a celebration. 

The Mint-O Ultramintz mini boxes that I got for the review from BlogAdda came in a classy, black box highlighted with shades of electric blue and shiny white. On opening the box, I saw the cute little tin case nestled snugly inside a silky piece of cloth which was covering it from all sides. 

There were 60 little white pellets in each box. Though the pellets were tiny, they really packed a punch. Each pellet is made from peppermint oils from France, finest quality menthol and is powered by speciality cooling compounds. Size really didn’t matter here and one tiny mint was enough to keep my mouth feeling fresh for a couple of hours. I tried them out at different times of the day, post lunch and post dinner, and they tasted just perfect. The mints are *really* strong and does the job of being a mouth freshener rather well.

I don’t know a lot of people who consume mints but the ones that do, always go for foreign brands. I also don’t know if that is because of the lack of a worthy local alternative or it has something to do with the quality and strength of the mint.

Whatever the reason, I can vouch for the fact that Mint-O’s Ultramintz is one solid offering and it is both strong and tasty. And at Rs.50 a box for 60 pellets, it is a steal!

They seem to be doing cool stuff on their Facebook page too (refer below!) 

I am reviewing mint-o Ultramintz as a part of the Product Reviews Program at BlogAdda.

All That Matters Is (for INK Live 2013)

"That which does not kill us makes us stronger." - Friedrich Nietzsche

Why do we study?

Why do we work?

Why do we live?

Call it a dream. An ambition. An aspiration. A goal. 

You, me, your cousin, the aunty next door, your boss, the building watchman, the chaatwala, the car salesman, the neighbourhood politician… everyone has one.

Starting your own little company. Publishing my own graphic novel. Representing India at the Miss Universe pageant. Winning the next big client. Sending his daughter to study medicine. Making a brand from himself. Selling a big order to the next corporate client. Triumphing his opposition in the Assembly elections this year. Everyone has one.

What keeps people charged and motivated is their single minded resolve to achieve what is in their minds.

All That Matters is a Sense Of Accomplishment.

People are unique. So are their perceptions of their goals.

Some would say that even getting through a working day is a feat worthy of being rewarded while there are some who won’t rest till they earn themselves national/international recognition for their accomplishments. Some are of the opinion that the tasks your complete in the present is all that matters which is why they love to do everything *today* while some always have an eye on the near future and work towards reaching there.  

In life, the things that need to be accomplished, more often than not, come in the guise of duties and responsibilities, which is why most people feel too lazy or bored to even acknowledge them, let alone pursue and attain them.

We all equate the sense of accomplishment to our inner happiness. The bigger the deed accomplished, the larger the sense of pride, happiness and inner peace. The co-relation also depends on the kind of task, the time required, the actual time one has and a whole lot of other factors. This play of variables in any task is what makes it interesting or difficult, depending on how one sees it, and thereby determines the level of happiness one would be getting on completing one.

We are all warriors, looking to conquer our fears and overcome our problems to accomplish something for ourselves, day after day.

Do we succeed? Not always.

Would we stop trying? NO. NEVER!

If you ask me, being able to write this post in the midst of a hectic work life and a busy personal life is an accomplishment in itself :D

This post is written as a part of ‘All that Matters‘ contest at in association with INK Live 2013.