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Superheroes Saga - 1 (5 Part Series)

Hi everyone, this is Jay reporting live from Prague, Delhi where an emergency meeting has been called by all the superheroes of this world to talk about and resolve important international issues. Some of the significant issues on the agenda to be discussed today are as follows: “Who is Pamela currently dating?”, “How escalating oil prices have affected the lives of poor Malayalis?”, “Is the name ‘Micro soft’ erotic?”, “Was it L&T who had supplied cement to Ram & Lax Inc for the Setu Bridge?” and “Did Van Heusen supply outfits to the Padavas and Kauravas for the Kurukshetra war?”. Discussion on other smaller problems such as global warming, terrorism, communal violence, real estate prices, inflation and bomb blasts have been postponed till the next meeting in 2020.

Super Commando Dhruv: On behalf of Association of Newly United Superheroes (ANUS), I would like to welcome you all to this conference convened for the resolution of global issues. Inspite of having our very own ANUS, we never really took stock of the various problems that have plagued our society and tried to solve them. ANUS was created to act as a passage for the common good to come in and for bad karma to go out. Instead, some of us have been shamelessly working as reporters at newspapers, flying around just for the fun of it, making love to girls with Mary in their name, driving burning motorcycles, growing into slimy green creatures destroying property, creating stupid metal suits for combat, running alongside speeding bullets and fighting absurdly-named villains like the Joker and Penguin wearing a black gay suit!

Spiderman: With great power comes great responsibility!

Dhruv: Yeah right, of what? Flinging around fishing nets on buildings enraging the BMC to clean up the mess later and charge it on ANUS.

Batman: This is ridiculous! We are genuine fighters and are under no obligation to take crap from someone who is signed to a little known RAJ comics and fights next to a guy who loves snakes! Meh!

Dhruv: Ohh don’t take it too far ‘black gay suit’ guy! As if no one in this room knows about your relations with Robin!

(A collective gasp echoes throughout the hall and all eyes turn to Batman)

Batman: That does it! This organization sucks… Screw u guys, we are going home!

(A whole section of ANUS gets up and leaves the conference room)

To Be Contd...