Hi Guys,

I've been writing 69-word, theme-based stories for the digital lifestyle magazine, The Brown Scooter, every month.

Read off and let me know what you think/feel :)


Theme #2 : A New Perspective

Story 1

“Welcome Sir! A human on earth, were you? How boring! Suit up cause your next one begins soon!”
“But I just arrived.”
“What do you want? A Sabbatical?”
“Well, something like that.”

*He laughs hysterically*

“You earthlings are SO cute. SUIT UP!”

“FINE! Do I get to choose?”

“666 planets. 33 million species. Take your pick. Choose wisely.”

“Razor. Jake Clawson. Megakat City.”

“You got it. Godspeed, my friend!”


Story 2

A stripper in Vegas. A terrorist in Afghanistan. A bull fighter in Spain. A samba dancer in Brazil. A nuclear physicist in Russia. A transsexual in India. A thief in Dubai. A tribal woman in South Africa.

Imagine waking up as a new person, every morning.

Will you learn to love more? Respect more? Be more accepting and not just tolerant? Be more kind and compassionate?

Food for thought.


Story 3

To write a story on ‘New’
I pulled up my socks and stretched my sinews
Got writer’s block, as my thoughts were few
Gulped down a coffee for my brain to renew

More ideas I needed to start off anew
This was going nowhere, I knew
I guess I was just feeling blue
*Pew* *Pew* *Pew*


Story 4

Facebook. Twitter. Whatsapp. Instagram. Snapchat. Vine.
Like her. RT her. Emoji-fy her. Filter her. Storify her. Film her.

None so intimate like staring deep into her sparkling eyes. Running fingers through her silky hair. Holding her angelic face in your palms. Sliding your arm around her near perfect waist pulling her closer. Getting lost in the intoxicating fragrance of her divine scent.

New technology. Same old passion. Love well!


Story 5

“I want a new toy.”
“I want new a uniform. And new shoes. And new books.”
“I need a new bag. A new phone. New jeans.”
“I need new shades. And a new bike.”
“I need a new job. A new boss.”
“I need a new house. A new car.”
“I need a new retirement plan. A new hobby.”

Our hunt for everything new.

The lifelong pursuit of happiness!



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