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Political Timepass!!!

Mr.George's Bushisms have been a treat for a lot of us for quite sometime now... Frankly, I sometimes marvel at the pure genius of the guy (Big Brother) who actually writes those totally awesome speeches for that dumbo to read out....

Btw, here's a chance to play Big Brother... I came across this nifty website that actually lets you create customized speeches for Mr.Bush and later make him read it out too, in his own squeaky voice..!


check it out, its damn cool....


K.K. said...

Hey thanks for the link !it pretty cool but don't take it too seriously by cramming all those texts !

Or are you planning to apply for summers @ White House for Bush's Big Bro . didn't find that at Naukri.com though :-) anyways keep me in loop.

Anonymous said...

Yo Patti!!!

Da I found ur blog da...aint I a gr8 researcher? if only babu was here ...

Gr8 link yaar...n this makes me wonder whether I can make this same website for a very famous person, who keeps givin such speeches....Keep Bloggin


CruciFire said...

@ KK - how i wish i could apply to the White house and bcome the world's most powerful man!!

@ Shrijit - Hey patti, wot a pleasant surprise man!..hell u r a good researcher..and yes both of us will smtime come together for a venture like the one you mentioned above..

Rajiv A Iyer said...

Gr8 link. Can spend hours on it, trying to make Geroge Bush speak in an intelligent manner. Even with a software program, that feat is impossible!!! >:-)

A Gem is the conjoining of the strings "we will' & "shit" (Though "shit's" intonation is quite radically different from that of "we will" - its a shame, but anyways, that's a classic)