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Business Management and Life

You get up early in the morning and find that your toothpaste tube is out. You squash it, roll it up and squeeze it to bring out whatever little is left inside so that there is an ‘optimum utilization’ of the available resources. After that, you sit to have your Maggi and all the while keep fooling around with its wrapper trying to find out the manufacturer’s name, country of origin and the marketer’s name for a business quiz. Your mom ‘delegates’ the buying of the groceries to you because she has run out of her ‘inventory’. Not wanting to venture out, you ‘outsource’ the job to your younger brother by explaining to him that it is your ‘non-core’ activity.

You wade through the pile of case-studies, exam papers and notes in your bedroom to finally reach to the PC and then sit down to do your projects. Just when it seems that the project is complete enough to be printed out, the printer just stops working! Now, what should you do so as to reduce your ‘lead time’ of taking out the printouts and the ‘crash the process time’ of reaching the college? You start off with a ‘mission’ to reach college from home with little (pocket money) ‘operating cost’ (because mom is trying to ‘cut costs’) , jump on your dad’s ‘capital investment’ (new bike) and off you go to the nearest BPO outfit – the printoutwalla. In your urgency to abide by your ‘targets/deadlines’, you fail to see thorough his effective CRM and subtle marketing strategies and end up increasing his net sales by 1% and gross profits by 0.5%.

You somehow reach college JIT (Just-in-time) for the attendance and escape being given a VRS to sit at home. The teacher gives back a ‘performance appraisal’ report (mark sheet) to the whole class and you pride on the fact that the ‘strategic alliance’ with your neighbour during the exams finally worked. You do your presentations cribbing about the PowerPoint version all the time, forget a classmate’s birthday inspite of having the phone chain and pick a fight with a popular friend for gaining ‘a share of the market’ (attention from girls) from him. After the class gets over, you calmly retreat to your residential resort wondering how the no of projects u do exceeds the no of movies and parties u go to and whether globalization was started by Mr. T.N.Seshan!

...............Well, the above post is also dedicated to the all the MCC-BMS students, past and present.....


Shri said...


This post of urs has sent me into a wave of nostalgia...some old thoughts have come creeping back...the best thing I remember is the JIT concept, which has ben aptly explained by you...even our projects, studies, notes etc used to be JIT. BMS students are the major contributer to a Xeroxwallah's operating margin..I'm sure that if I had stayed on for some more years in this course & xeroxed more notes...my xeroxwallah wud have coming out with an IPO

Nice post


K.K. said...

Good post buddy ...... I still remember the times when I used to go to supermarket stores just to know which FMCG company owns a particular brand and oh yes the strategic alliance with dearest amita ... :-)

Surya Ragunaathan said...

Oh, you didnt talk about the aftermath of the marksheet at home...after scoring much lesser than the 'benchmark'(the topper of the class) ur parents r pissed at you. Thats when you start giving them the 'motivational talks' and explain the 'fishbone (cause and effect)'of the whole matter....
Well, well, Nostalgia it is!!
good post!! A large part of it is Desipundit stuff...will fwd the link to a few of my batchmates and juniors....
btw, Blogrolled you :-):-)

Anju said...

with all its ups and downs......i would still say.....those days were the best days of my life

wish we could live them again..n again..n again

nice post da. made me very nostalgic

Dhananjay Shettigar said...

Nice post. Made me feel nostalgic of the good-old days of BMS.
It seemed to be a completely different world altogether. All those projects and assignments (aka Ctrl C + Ctrl V), industrial visits (aka picnics), night-outs (aka booze sessions), etc...etc...Makes me want to live those three years all over again.
Did not have even 1/10th of the fun in MMS. It was sooo damn boring.

Nikhil said...

hi JK...
i just completed my TyBms. was just sitting at home and getting bored.
By reading ur post,i got the feeling of nirvana.
still remember the good old days of SyBms and TyBms where Prof.Bhide taught us JIT, SMED, kanban...ergonomics.
neways, keeping posting. enjoyed reading ur post

God bless you

CruciFire said...

@ ALL - Thnx a lot for all ur comments guys...