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We are the Champions..!

TATA has acquired Corus....YEAH!

This is ONE of the BEST moments in Indian biz history.... I am proud of you, Sir.Ratan Tata!

Heres the leaderboard standing after the deal....


Rank - Company Name - Capacity
1 Arcelor-Mittal (Luxembourg) 109.7 MT
2 Nippon Steel (Japan) 32.0 MT
3 Posco (South Korea) 30.5 MT
4 JFE (Japan) 29.9 MT
5 Tata-Corus (India) 23.8 MT
6 Baosteel (China) 22.7 MT
7 US Steel (USA) 19.3 MT
8 Nucor (USA) 18.4 MT
9 Riva (Italy) 17.5 MT
10 ThyssenKrupp (Germany) 16.5 MT

WE WON..... suckers!!!

As one of my close friend says, "EAT SHIT!"... rather "EAT STEEL!" (demonic laugh..)

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Surya Ragunaathan said...

sun, kya ye bhi tera hi hai? coz i wanted to see your blog and made a typo and this is what i got..



CruciFire said...

Yes madam, fortunately even that is my blog... there was some problms with tat one whn i created it... lambi kahaani will tell u later...

Rajiv Iyer said...

I too think that THE DEAL reflects the bullish sentiments on the Indian economy & that things are looking rather sweet for India & its corporates at the moment ....

however, I think Tata paid too heavy a price for Corus - I am kind of skeptical of whether it was worth 12bn $ ....

Having said that, it would be gr8 to see Tata at the helm of a multi-billion$ MNC Steel behemoth - it certainly sets the bar as far as ambitious thinking is concerned.

Here's wishin that Tata proves skeptics like me wrong & that he makes the 1st big Mfg MNC frm India

Keep Blogging!

CruciFire said...

@ rajiv - yeah man, me too thinks the price is a bit on the higher side, but I sincerely hope it doesnt turn out to be a bad decision... Kudos to the TATAS!!