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Superheroes Saga - 3

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Dhruv: OMG guys, how many more digressions will we have to go through before we are able to finish off the agenda we started off with? Ok next topic – Is the name Microsoft erotic?

Nagraj: May I know why exactly are WE discussing this? Isn’t this a job for Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer to figure out?

Dhruv: Well yes, but apparently they haven’t! I am sick and tired of the superheroes (that use the iMac) teasing Windows users calling them names such as “Micro-softies”. I have told them a million times that mine is neither micro, nor soft but they wouldn’t stop. Now you see not everyone is as tough as me (for ex – EMO Man and Senti-Man, who couldn’t make it here because his wife left him) and they are very offended by this name-calling. We HAVE to do something about this.

Nagraj: Sorry bro, but I don’t think we can do anything at all in this regard. The people who have a problem can either switchover to Apple or start using OpenSource software.

SQM: My friends, it’s not about the system that u use but the chips that run it that matters! You have to attain oneness with your PC only then would it be able to do your biding. The cabinet is its body and the processor chip, its soul. Just like us, its physical body will rust, fall prey to dust and insects and eventually break off to reveal the true nature of the chip. Overclocking a PC is like applying Botox, it will definitely elongate the process and affect you but only just about. How does it matter whether it is an Apple or Mirosoft or IBM? Eventually, we all have to go to…

Dhruv (in an enraged tone): Guess what Mr. Smartass, I feel that the universe is conspiring to throw you out of this conference room, this very instant. I can feel it, I can feel it now and as Sharukh Khan had once said when you truly believing in kicking someone out the whole universe comes together to help us achieve it. Will someone please kick this bugger out of this room?

STOM: Someone is gonna kick SQM out, isn’t it?

Nagraj: Sheesh man, there he goes again!

(Sabu kicks SQM right out of the solar system)

Nagraj: Haha that was total pwnage!

Chacha Chaudhary: True, true…


Directionless Wanderer said...

haha .... bizarre comedy at its best .... what a completely plotless series?! (I mean that in a good way) .... every post starts with an altercation and ends with someone getting kicked out!! LOL!!

But don't keep overdoing it too much .... try out something different - mebbe your random posts .... hey! why don't you begin 'Himesh Saga Episode IV: The Rockstar Strikes Back' :P

CruciFire said...

@ rajiv - yeah i understand.. just one more part to go... dont think wont be able to rip on himesh all over again now...

Vin said...


absolutely crazy stuff here..happened to stumble across thru blogadda...quite interesting!!

would visit again..

CruciFire said...

@ Vin - thanx a lot.. do chekc back...