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I've been writing 69-word, theme-based stories for the digital lifestyle magazine, The Brown Scooter, every month.

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#55wordstory - Strangers

Today's word is 'Strangers.'


“Jack, Milky Way Galaxy. You?”
“Sia, Andromeda.”

“This Venus pub is cool but Saturn is the real deal.”

“Have we met before?”
“You feel the same?”

A million years ago on Earth. 

“Back from office Sia baby”, screamed Jack as he picked her up and smooched her.



TS said...

Awww! It was such a good idea to start my day by reading this. :)

shweta Sylvia jani said...

And this happens only in stories & movies. Nevertheless loved it : )

CruciFire said...

@T Glad to be the reason behind a Good Morning Tan :)

@S Haha I agree and thanks a lot for commenting Shweta.. do check out other stories too :)

Janani said...

Hey hey hey heyyyy dis is toh JACK and JEN ka story if u kw wot I mean ;) Too good Jk!! :D :D

CruciFire said...

@J hehe true true.. thanks a lot for the comment baby :-*

Palaha said...

i'm smiling continuously after reading this... at the science and art and creativity :D

CruciFire said...

@P Thanks for the comment P.. good to see that readers appreciate all the aspects of the story and not just any one particular characteristic :)