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All That Matters Is (for INK Live 2013)

"That which does not kill us makes us stronger." - Friedrich Nietzsche

Why do we study?

Why do we work?

Why do we live?

Call it a dream. An ambition. An aspiration. A goal. 

You, me, your cousin, the aunty next door, your boss, the building watchman, the chaatwala, the car salesman, the neighbourhood politician… everyone has one.

Starting your own little company. Publishing my own graphic novel. Representing India at the Miss Universe pageant. Winning the next big client. Sending his daughter to study medicine. Making a brand from himself. Selling a big order to the next corporate client. Triumphing his opposition in the Assembly elections this year. Everyone has one.

What keeps people charged and motivated is their single minded resolve to achieve what is in their minds.

All That Matters is a Sense Of Accomplishment.

People are unique. So are their perceptions of their goals.

Some would say that even getting through a working day is a feat worthy of being rewarded while there are some who won’t rest till they earn themselves national/international recognition for their accomplishments. Some are of the opinion that the tasks your complete in the present is all that matters which is why they love to do everything *today* while some always have an eye on the near future and work towards reaching there.  

In life, the things that need to be accomplished, more often than not, come in the guise of duties and responsibilities, which is why most people feel too lazy or bored to even acknowledge them, let alone pursue and attain them.

We all equate the sense of accomplishment to our inner happiness. The bigger the deed accomplished, the larger the sense of pride, happiness and inner peace. The co-relation also depends on the kind of task, the time required, the actual time one has and a whole lot of other factors. This play of variables in any task is what makes it interesting or difficult, depending on how one sees it, and thereby determines the level of happiness one would be getting on completing one.

We are all warriors, looking to conquer our fears and overcome our problems to accomplish something for ourselves, day after day.

Do we succeed? Not always.

Would we stop trying? NO. NEVER!

If you ask me, being able to write this post in the midst of a hectic work life and a busy personal life is an accomplishment in itself :D

This post is written as a part of ‘All that Matters‘ contest at BlogAdda.com in association with INK Live 2013.


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Really nice post.Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks Sumon :)