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Mint-O's Ultramintz - Product Review for BlogAdda

It was called the Germopolis.

The bustling city, inhabited by small, microscopic people, was built on a huge, soft pink stretch of land that was fortified on three sides by strong, white towers which was used to keep the intruders out. On the fourth side, there was a deep ravine that few dared to venture into, never to return. It was dubbed Galaorge, the chasm of darkness.

The dwellers of this city never had to go out of their houses to work. Beyond the towers, lay a wide cave that opened up every 3 hours and provided Germopolis with enough food and water and other necessities for the day, sometimes even weeks and months. They worshipped it and called it ‘Le Mouth.’

Unlike the rest of the world, Germopolis only had 2 seasons – Summer and Autumn.

One day while the residents were going about their daily chores, they saw a white, circular object flying in through Le Mouth, hitting their city and scattering into a million pieces. Before they could realize what had happened, the entire city was covered in white, fluffy flakes and a cool breeze kept flowing all around. It was Snow and a third new season had finally arrived!

The whole city erupted into a celebration. People cried out in joy and hugged each other. Few of them tried to feel the frozen flakes on their tongues and shivered when they got one. Those with diabetes were a little skeptical at first but eventually gave in to the new season. They brought new clothes, decorated trees, hung up stockings and went around from home to home signing cheerful carols and hymns.

Whenever I pop a Mint-O Ultramintz in my mouth, I can hear the sounds of a celebration. 

The Mint-O Ultramintz mini boxes that I got for the review from BlogAdda came in a classy, black box highlighted with shades of electric blue and shiny white. On opening the box, I saw the cute little tin case nestled snugly inside a silky piece of cloth which was covering it from all sides. 

There were 60 little white pellets in each box. Though the pellets were tiny, they really packed a punch. Each pellet is made from peppermint oils from France, finest quality menthol and is powered by speciality cooling compounds. Size really didn’t matter here and one tiny mint was enough to keep my mouth feeling fresh for a couple of hours. I tried them out at different times of the day, post lunch and post dinner, and they tasted just perfect. The mints are *really* strong and does the job of being a mouth freshener rather well.

I don’t know a lot of people who consume mints but the ones that do, always go for foreign brands. I also don’t know if that is because of the lack of a worthy local alternative or it has something to do with the quality and strength of the mint.

Whatever the reason, I can vouch for the fact that Mint-O’s Ultramintz is one solid offering and it is both strong and tasty. And at Rs.50 a box for 60 pellets, it is a steal!

They seem to be doing cool stuff on their Facebook page too (refer below!) 

I am reviewing mint-o Ultramintz as a part of the Product Reviews Program at BlogAdda.


Arvind Passey said...

Loved the concept of creating a germopolis! Better than the other reviews that are 'O! so mundane!'

Arvind Passey

CruciFire said...

@Arvind Glad you loved it... Thank you for the kind words Sir :)