Hi Guys,

I've been writing 69-word, theme-based stories for the digital lifestyle magazine, The Brown Scooter, every month.

Read off and let me know what you think/feel :)


#55wordstory - Stories

Today's word was 'Stories.'


I'll make you laugh. I'll make you cry. I'll seduce you. I'll commit blasphemy. I'll surprise you. I'll educate you. I'll impress you. I'll disgust you.

I'll push your contemplation and interpretation skills beyond comprehension.

55 words. That's all I need.



Janani said...

U got the POWER to change my mood with those 55 words regardless of wot hpnd to me fr the entire day..... nvr evr, evr stop writing.... it is a NECESSITY nw......

CruciFire said...

Awwwww thank you so much Janani... This is one of those things a writer yearns to hear... you make sure that I don't stop writing.. EVER! :)

Shan Shaikh said...

Why has the air turned pink? stars stars stars...... heart heart heart ;-)

CruciFire said...


Summer said...

I couldn't agree more. These 55 words that you write have such depth in them, every damn time. We, your humble fans, can't help but love you for writing them. :)

CruciFire said...

Awwwww another really sweet comment.. thanks a million for being an ardent commenter ya *hug*