Hi Guys,

I've been writing 69-word, theme-based stories for the digital lifestyle magazine, The Brown Scooter, every month.

Read off and let me know what you think/feel :)


#55wordstory - Angst

Sunday's theme was 'Angst.'


‘Why would he do that? He could have just bought some from our side of the road.
People are talking. Society can be so cruel.
Insects do it. Even group of humans named after insects do it.
No one asks them. Why my hubby then?
Insensitive bastards!’

Mrs.Chicken just couldn’t let go of her angst.



Janani Jayprakash said...

The idea of Connecting Beatles famous cover page of crossing the road and the philosophical question of the chicken crossing the road was simply Brilliant...

CruciFire said...

@J Thank you sweetheart :) Oh well not many understand it and worse is they don't even ask *sigh*