Hi Guys,

I've been writing 69-word, theme-based stories for the digital lifestyle magazine, The Brown Scooter, every month.

Read off and let me know what you think/feel :)


#55wordstory - Hedonism

Today's theme was 'Hedonism.'


His only wish in life was to watch a movie in Shahrukh's private theater, with the superstar.

He won a nation-wide contest run by a multiplex conglomerate.

“Hey Jude, congrats and come in man. So, which movie do you want to watch?”

“Do you love Sunny Leone, Shahrukh?”

“You bet!”




Janani Jayprakash said...

After realising the phonetics touch to it apart frm my interpretation I cud hear *tin tintidin* in my mind.... very happily I will go to sleep as usual, thank u Jk :))))))

CruciFire said...

Awwwwwwww thanks Jan... and you are always welcome.., and LOVED your interpretation too :D Smart hai re tu..